About us

Ritika creations is a step forward by women at every single level of organization for self stability and sustainability. We are trying our best to represent a women empowered work culture that ultimately fulfill the needs of our female clients and customers. We deal mostly in embroidered fabrics and hand made or hand painted handicrafts. This is how the skills generate a fortune for the staff at manufacturing level.

Our associate designers have strong hold over fashion demands of all age groups. We try to maintain a collection of dresses and sarees that appeals women of all fields of society. Providing girls with a trendy stuff to match their lifestyle our mission is to make and keeping a basic range of euthenics to suits various occasions.

Our customer’s satisfaction is at the base of every effort that we take. Whenever you purchase a hand embroidered article you will feel that warmth of skillfully hands and the cost cold comfort of a self satisfaction that you are a part of women empowerment